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What I think about when I’m running…

Good times, good music. This was after the Hackney Half 2019. On the way back home, we discovered Gilles Peterson playing at the end of our road. I thought I’ll just dance to one tune..ended up staying for the whole set.  Sadly the gasworks is no longer there.


Saturday April 18 – 16km

The Saturday before what would have been the London Marathon weekend and I headed on a route I’d never normally take. Because usually there’d be too much traffic. But Lockdown silenced the streets and made road running to Deptford and beyond a contemplative joy.

Tower Bridge- approximately 840am.  I arrived listening to Madonna’s Like A Prayer. I could dance across the road if I wished…

Deptford Market, approx 920am, Saturday morning….

Greenwich High Road, approx 950am

Greenwich Market,  approx 10am


Saturday April 4, 16km

Spring morning run. Same streets, but the streets are silent.

Greenwich approx 830am

Have you heard….the lack of sounds….on the way to Deptford…approx 845am

Deptford/Greenwich Saturday April 4 2020 at 922am

First training run for the London Marathon 2020

A biting cold winter morning, one of those days where no matter how many layers you put on, the wind finds a way through. 12 January 2020 – the official start of my training plan for the London Marathon, the start of my fundraising for my local charity South London Special League. Along the Thames Path, I was met with this  crystal clear view looking across from Surrey Quays to Canary Wharf.  No harsh wind in this photo, just a rare sense of peace.