In August 2015, the BBC Trust approved plans to put specially selected cross-network radio programmes online up to seven days ahead of broadcast. I worked with Senior Producer Manish Pradhan to make this a reality.

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Content Producer, Radio Projects, Radio and Music Multiplatform, August 2015 – ongoing

  • Scoped the project – technical, editorial and social workflows
  • Produced the Online First Toolkit to be rolled out across Multiplatform Radio teams
  • Worked closely with On-Air and Digital teams from Radios 1 – 6 Music and the World Service
  • Hit the October 12th launch deadline
  • Ensured there was a full, cross-network launch offering.
  • Curate the Radio 4 Online First Collection and prepare social media.


Andrew Caspari, Head of Speech and Classical Music, Radio and Music Multiplatform, wrote this blog for the Radio 4 site, introducing the offer.

I suggested Peter Snow Returns to the Future would make a good Radio 4 Online First launch offer as both the series and the concept cover time travel. We arranged for a DeLorean to appear outside New Broadcasting House.

Here is Peter Snow about to return to the future…