Senior Content Producer, BBC Radio Hear the Year, October to December 2016

BBC Radio’s Hear the Year brought the most memorable moments of 2016 together in one place. Instead of being arranged via network, they were arranged via six different moods, thereby giving listeners a different way of traveling the soundscape of the year.

#HeartheYear was available online and in the iPlayer App.

The approach fitted with evolving audience requirements and exposed listeners to content from networks they might not previously have considered. It was a huge success with a 46% increase on the peak week from Radio Moments 2015.

  • Led the digital delivery of this high profile, pan-network campaign.
  • Collaborated across the BBC and externally to ensure on-time delivery of work streams.
  • Developed and maintained effective cross network relationships with Marketing and BBC Creative.
  • Managed external suppliers Loftus and Flying Object and oversaw the delivery of editorial content including articles and native social media videos.