February 2022 – produced first audio adverts and audiograms for new premium streaming service BBC Podcasts.

BBC Podcasts – 30 Sec Brand Promo

Room 5 – BBC Podcasts exclusive title

Room 5 transmitted on Radio 4 in the UK and was available as an exclusive title on BBC Podcasts. These audiograms combined the Room 5 and BBC Podcasts for a combined content and brand level campaign approach.

Room 5 is a compelling and addictive listen. It unpacks raw, life-changing medical moments, taking the listener on a moving journey through illness, recovery and the resilient human spirit. I saw the potential to widen out our campaign to include some of the contributors but knew we’d have to get permission from the contributors due to the highly sensitive and personal nature of the stories. I spoke to presenter Helena Merriman to explain the concept, and got permission from contributors Bex and Joel to use them in our social media campaign.

Bex – Episode 1

How a penguin played a surprising role in Bex’s recovery from a surprising illness.

Joel – Episode 4

Meet Joel – the doctor who really can feel your pain.