Thought provoking and energetic – Jeremy Vine attracts over 7 million listeners each week with his programme’s unique blend of fast paced news and music.

I love listening to the programme and jumped at the chance to spend a day with the team to discover how it’s all put together.

The day begins at 730am with the team scouring suitable stories.

At 8am there is a production meeting where approximately twenty stories get whittled down to the four that will make it to air in just a few hours time.

The team often have a couple of stories already set up ‘but these are subject to change if something else comes in,’ says Tim Collins, who is editing the programme the day I’m there.

By 915 am, the once quiet office is buzzing with people typing and talking to possible guests.

The producers write thorough briefing notes and a cue for Jeremy.

Tim keeps an eye over all the stories as they develop over the course of the morning. He writes the headlines and fills out the running order, looking at the scripts as they develop.

At 11am, it’s time to brief Jeremy Vine on today’s stories.

At approximately 1120am, Jeremy goes on air to say what’s coming up and calls quickly begin coming in afterwards.

At midday, Jeremy Vine is broadcasting to the nation. The big news stories today are the same as those the day before – the migrants in Calais and Cecil the lion. This provides the chance to explore different angles: how is life in Kent being affected by what’s going on over the channel and is the best way to save animals from extinction to hunt them?

A feature on the proposed closure of Penn School in Buckinghamshire has two very powerful callers – mothers who describe the bullying their children faced in mainstream education and their fears on what will happen if the school closes.

At 2pm it’s all over for another day and it’s time to hit the phones again to find out what’s going to be in the show tomorrow…

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Tim Johns produces, reports and sometimes edits The Jeremy Vine Show and appears in my Social Media and the Law podcast.