It was a wet and rainy Sunday drive home to London the day after a lovely, sunny christening in Sussex.

We turned on 6 Music just in time to hear Cerys Matthews crossing over to Radio 3 for the simulcast from WOMAD. Suddenly the grey skies, traffic and rain  didn’t seem so bad after all.

The rain was lashing down in Wiltshire too but Cerys, Mary Ann Kennedy and Lopa Kothari were brilliant hosts, bouncing off each other and the audience and clearly loving all of the acts they were introducing.

From the Tibetan yodeling of Nawang Lodup to the majestic Dona Oneche sitting on her throne – this was 90 minutes of joyful, global music.


This isn’t the first time Radio 3 and 6 Music have joined forces. In August 2013, 6 Music’s Mary Ann Hobbs and Radio 3’s Martin Handley did a record exchange simulcast ahead of Prom 40: The 6 Music Prom.

It’s a brilliant way of  encouraging crossover listening – while maintaining each station’s unique identity.

As we turned into our road, the simulcast came to an end…or had it…?

‘We’re back live this evening at 945pm,’ said Lopa ‘and we might kidnap Cerys…’