The Listening Project is going on a summer tour. The social plan will encourage people to visit the Booth as it travels around the UK and highlight carefully selected past episodes to encourage new listeners.

Content Producer, BBC Radio 4 Interactive, June – July 2015 

My five Social Objectives were: 

1 – Show the Booth on Tour.

Photos placed the Booth in location and photos were also posted of those who had taken part with a quote about the experience (NB photos only used where we had their permissions or the permissions of parents).

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2 – Encourage people to listen to the Listening Project broadcasts.

Twitter pointed people towards each programme as it was due to air and encouraged catch up listening afterwards.

Gail and Brian

3 – Encourage exploration of previous Listening Project conversations via bespoke visual assets.

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4 – Monitor Twitter comments and re-tweet where appropriate.


5 – Ensure pan UK aspect of Listening Project is highlighted.



The joy of The Listening Project is there are so many wonderfully eclectic and authentic conversations to browse through. People aren’t being interviewed – as a result, the conversations are sometimes tragic, sometimes funny but always extraordinarily candid and intimate. There were many popular social media clips including a man leaving his wife for 14 years to travel around the world on his motorbike to the joys and perils of wild swimming  but the outstanding favourites on Facebook were two monks talking about how things were changing in their monastery: