Brief: To create an online resource which provides a practical introduction to three idea generation techniques for BBC production staff. To work with Line Communications (now part of LEO Learning) to create a re-useable Mohive (rapid development e-learning tool) skin.

Multiplatform Producer, BBC Academy, 2008 -2009


  •  Used Mohive to produce course.
  • Filmed and edited all videos in course.
  • Worked with subject matter expert Linda Cockburn on the course design.
  • Worked with Line Communications to design new re-useable skin for Mohive.


There were three modules:

*    Breaking the Rules

*    Stealing Ideas

*    Sparking ideas

Each technique was illustrated by a video case study featuring the technique being used in a real life scenario – for example, in Breaking the Rules, Series Editor Dermot Caulfield explained how Bang goes the Theory came about by turning on its head  traditional thinking about science programmes.


Each video case study was followed by an audio interaction demonstrating the technique being used in a brainstorm.


Finally, there was the chance to download a PDF outlining how to do the technique so users could print them off and use in their own ideas generation sessions.




When I joined BBC Training and Development (as it was called then) in 2008, rapid development e-learning was seen as low-end  – everybody wanted expensive Flash courses. This course, along with Storytelling, pushed the creative boundaries of what was possible with tools such as Mohive. They were both shown at industry events by then Manager of Online and Informal Learning at the BBC Academy, Nick Shackleton Jones, as being an innovative and effective examples of rapid development e-learning content.