The Invisible College was a series of creative writing lessons which featured advice from writers including Kurt Vonnegut, Eudora Welty, C S Lewis and Ernest Hemmingway.

Content Producer, Radio 4 Interactive, May 2015


  • Creating a social media strategy to increase audience engagement.
  • Using Photoshop to create shareable assets.

To accompany the series, Dr Cathy Loughran compiled Eight Tips on Writing – a list of quotes from some of the featured authors.

I created a feature page using the BBC’s Content Management System (CMS) iSite 2 and produced the visual assets using Photoshop  to accompany each image – these assets were also used on social platforms to encourage traffic back to the site and catch up listening.

I also produced a series of clips – shareable highlights from the three episodes. These were scheduled to go out one a day in the final week of the series to maintain audience engagement.


The Invisible College proved very popular with the Radio 4 audience.

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