Brief:  To create an internal ideas sharing website for BBC staff that would hopefully result in original programme commissions.

Multiplatform Producer,  BBC Academy,  2008 – 2009

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  • Formed highly productive working relationships with project team: User Experience Designer Shane Samarawikrema and the BBC’s Creativity Team.
  • Filmed bespoke videos for site – both self shooting using Canon XF305 and directing digi-beta crews.
  • Worked with User Experience Designer to establish site visual look and feel and its technical capabilities.
  • Worked with project team to devise and implement BBC Three Ideas  competition to launch site – persuaded then Controller of BBC Three Danny Cohen to judge the entries
  • Competition resulted in original BBC Three Commission Wu-How.


Reason for project

The internal BBC ideas sharing site,  moo,  launched in 2008  just when the social media revolution was beginning in earnest.

The BBC is filled with  clever, creative people –  separated by different departments. It’s rare somebody from News gets a chance to talk to somebody from Comedy.  Moo  broke down these silos. The site provided a friendly, non-judgmental space where people from different departments could share and develop ideas by posting videos and comments.

Pre launch publicity

Interest was generated pre-launch by a postcard campaign. I designed the postcard.


These were posted and left in BBC buildings all over the country just before the website was due to launch to create a sense of anticipation.

I made a video trailer featuring the BBC’s Creativity team. The editor was Laura Taflinger.


The video was posted on Gateway (the BBC’s intranet) to encourage people to visit the site.

BBC Three Ideas Competition

The BBC Three Ideas Competition officially lauched the site. I worked with designer Seb Ahmad on the postcards. The branding had to incorpate both BBC Three and moo’s visual identity.


Entrants had to upload a video pitch of an idea for a programme suitable for BBC Three.  The then Controller of BBC Three (now Director of Television) Danny Cohen agreed to watch all the entries and select 6 finalists who could pitch their idea to him in person.


The winner was Wu-How – an original commission for BBC Three.

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An academic cow: Audience at the Gates: How the BBC is using social media to identify talent and involve audiences in programme production. moo.gateway is one of the case studies in Andy Tedd’s Phd.