One of the joys about working at the BBC Academy was the chance to make films and record podcasts with people working in areas I’d always loved.

Multiplatform Producer,  BBC Academy,  2010 – 2015

As part of the launch team of the BBC Academy Production website in 2010, I planned and self-shot (on Canon XF305) films on everything from sound effects in the Archers to uncovering how the Edinburgh Festival outside broadcast was put together.

I also produced podcasts for the weekly COP Show.

Links to a selection of my podcasts and films are below.

Podcasts I have produced and presented:

Social Media and the Law

Inner Voices – how writers create character – I wrote a blog for about this podcast for the BBC Writers Room.

A selection of podcasts I have produced and edited: 

Great Adaptations

Writing Sitcoms


Writing Sketches

Getting into writing comedy and drama

 Staying alive – putting on large scale musical events safely

Films I have presented:

Sound for self-shooters – radio microphones

 Sound for self shooters – top microphones

A selection of films I have researched and self-shot on Canon XF305:

Planning a radio outside broadcast – Edinburgh Festival

Spot effects for radio drama

Mark Radcliffe and Stuart Marconi on what makes a good producer

Profile: Radio drama director

Jenni Murray on briefing presenters

Tips: writing radio comedy